The Rise of “Chainmakers”
Since the start of 2021, a key evolution has taken place in the funding cycle of crypto startups. Established launchpads have made sure developers seeking funds can rapidly acquire funding to develop on any blockchain.

A testament to this is the role launchpads have played in the increase of development on blockchains like Cardano and Polkadot.
New layer-1s will increasingly need a launchpad to facilitate the making of their chain by providing a clear funnel for communities to fund exciting startups.
White Label Chainmaker
DAO Maker is the leading launchpad in all the metrics that matter:
Funds Raised
Volume of Launched Projects
Live ROI of Launched Projects

As the oldest launchpad in the industry, dating back to the launches of LTO, VeVe, and Elrond, DAO Maker has over 300,000 users.
DAO Pad has in-built user compliance, multi-audited contracts, fiat onramp, and multiple tools to facilitate token launch. The Chainmaker Kit allows launchpads to be rapidly deployed on new blockchains.
Deploy Your Launchpad
Chainmaker Adoption
Each launchpad built by the Chainmaker Kit grows the DAO token ecosystem, with a portion of launchpad token supply airdropped to DAO stakers.

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